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CLOUD3D converts your ideas into touchable objects.

Whether you need us for your company projects or personal projects,
we promise we’ll do everything for you to get the best possible results.


We’d love to print your sketches, prototypes or ideas for you. We’re happy to help you with large projects or large quantities.


We’re at your side if you need to have some modeling done. We’re available for small and large projects.


Not sure about what materials to use or not sure about how to design something? We’re available to help you for an affordable price.


If you need us for 3D printing and consultancy, we can help you with prototyping. We’re open for testing with new materials!



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Our setup consists of three brand new Original Prusa i3 MK2S. All of our printers are equipped with a quad-material extruder. These printers use the FDM/FFF print technology. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), or Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), is an additive manufacturing process that belongs to the material extrusion family. In FDM, an object is built by selectively depositing melted material in a pre-determined path layer-by-layer. The materials used are thermoplastic polymers and come in a filament form.

Optimal results

Each of our printers has his own, closed, custom-built cabinet for the best possible print results. We monitor the cabinet temperatures and we monitor the print job with cameras.

Less or more details

We can print small letters or details, on request we print with a nozzle of 0.25 mm instead of (our default) 0.4 mm nozzle. Other nozzle sizes (0.6 and 0.8 mm) are also possible. Please add a comment during your order if you would like to have your object(s) printed with the smaller or larger nozzle at no additional cost.

Layers & colors

We’re able to print with a resolution between 50 and 350 micron. All of our printers are equipped with a quad-material extruder, so you can design even more beautiful products.


Our materials

Material Properties
HT colorFabb_HT is made with Amphora HT5300 and is a low-odor and styrene-free material uniquely suited for advanced 3D printing users, particularly those who need their models to exhibit excellent durability, toughness and high temperature resistance with a Tg of over 100⁰C. colorFabb_HT empowers professional users to create more durable and useful items, making prototyping truly functional.
nGen nGen is made with Amphora AM3300 and has good flow properties through the printer nozzle – even at lower temperatures than some other polymers require. These properties make nGen more workable at a wider breadth of temperatures, producing reliable results and resulting in less waste. nGen exhibits advanced overhang ability, excellent looks, and large printing temperature range—empowering large panel of users to create durable and useful items.
nGen_FLEX nnGen_FLEX is engineered as a semi-flexible materials which allows most users to print at regular print speeds, cutting down build times compared to other very flexible filaments. nGen_FLEX is temperature resistant to about 125C. That means 3D printed objects can be steam sterilized at 121C.
nGen_LUX nGen properties plus: The material uses diffuse reflection to scatter light in all directions. For the eye it’s nearly impossible to spot layering, even at 0.2mm layerheight. nGen_LUX allows users to print visually appealing models without the need of post processing.
PA PA is a new highly functional polyamide (nylon) grade. PA allows continues use at 120°C while retaining sufficient mechanical properties and thus highly temperature resistant and tough. This makes it a perfect material for the professional user to make durable prints that need to perform.
PETG PETG is a very tough material with good thermal resistance. Its use is universal but especially suitable for mechanical parts and both indoor and outdoor use.
PLA PLA is the most commonly used filament. It’s biodegradable, easy to print, and very strong material. The perfect choice for printing large objects thanks to its low thermal expansion (little to no warping) and for printing tiny parts because of its low melting temperature.
Specials Special filaments with PLA properties. Contains metal or wood particles. CF20 is a carbon fiber based filament.
XT colorFabb_XT is made with Amphora AM1800 and has a unique formulation for 3D Printing that features excellent properties : High strength and very high toughness, Odor Neutral processing, High Tg / improved temp. resistance, Styrene free formulation, FDA food contact compliance, BPA (Bisphenol A) free formulation. It will allow the user to produce 3D printed functional products in a safe way.

*More colors available on request